• Isoplas crosslinkable polyethylene
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    Easy-to-process crosslinkable polyethylenes with exceptional resistance to large temperature changes, high pressure loading, UV light and contact with aggressive chemicals. Grades are available for central and underfloor heating systems, injection moulded fittings and adhesive layers in composite structures.

  • Microcoat fluidised bed / Dipcoating powders
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    Our range includes Microcoat D, a low density polyethylene polymer developed for maximum processing efficiency and coverage for fluidised bed coating. High density Microcoat H6 is ideal for more demanding applications where improved hardness, chemical- or heat-resistance are required. A range of coloured powders is available from stock, which can be customised with sparkle effects. Large quantities can be colour-matched and produced to suit specific requirements.

  • Colour swatch guide
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    We offer a standard range of colour options along with a colour matching service.

  • Rotational moulding powders
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    A long established range of powders based on low, medium, and high density polyethylenes with excellent moulding characteristics. Available in Anti-static, Anti-bacterial, Semi-conductive, Fire retardant and UV stabilised up to UV15 rating.

  • Microlin

    Powders based on linear medium density polyethylenes which allow the moulder to produce more rigid mouldings with good impact strength combined with excellent moulding performance.

  • Microcene

    The latest range of powders based on polyethylenes produced by the latest metallocene polymerisation technology. Microcene powders powders enable the moulder to produce stronger, lighter mouldings in shorter cycle times.

  • Microlink
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    A crosslinkable polyethylene for conventional rotational moulding. This material offers exceptional toughness, durability and resistance to environmental stress cracking, low temperatures and a wide range of chemicals, fuels and surfactant agents. Fully stabilised for outdoor use throughout the world, Microlink technology is constantly being developed to meet the many specialist customer requirements for a contemporary society. Adaptations include fire retardancy and excellent adhesion to metals.