About Micropol

    Located East of Manchester in the UK, Micropol is a long established company providing a comprehensive service to the plastics industry for over 50 years. We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers to adapt materials to specific needs, while developing new grades of material through partnerships with customers old and new on a global basis.

    Quality of products

    Production of rotational moulding powders was established on-site in the early 1970's, providing a service to our own rotational moulding sister company, before expanding the manufacturing entity to extend the service to the industry in general. To this day these facilities, combined with our advanced technical laboratory, give us the edge in development by enabling us to use our own range of moulding machines with a range of proprietary tools to ensure that the quality of the products is right before leaving the premises. With our commitment not to substitute any substandard imitation grades, we continue to supply rotational moulding materials based on the best prime polymers available. To add to our range of rotational moulding products, Microlink technology is constantly being developed to add extra toughness, durability and chemical resistance to conventional rotational moulding materials.

    Range expansion

    The continuing expansion and evolution of our modern range of reactive extrusion capabilities has given us the potential to produce innovative new materials in a truly cost-effective manner. With this facility to modify and introduce new high performance composite materials, we believe we remain at the forefront of advanced materials development. After extensive research and development in the early 1980's, working in conjunction with multi-national companies, we developed a range of cross-linkable Polyethylenes with exceptional resistance to large temperature changes and aggressive chemicals. These grades were marketed primarily for pipe extrusion for the central and underfloor heating industry, as well as injection moulded pipe fittings and adhesive layers in composite structures.

    Large or small

    Since the early days, the product range has been expanded where the technology can be further adapted to other specific uses. Our long-standing commitment to conventional processes such as Fluidised Bed (Dip-coating) Powders remains at the heart of our services. Having produced and supplied such coating powders since the 1960's to this long-established industry, it is our policy to provide the best quality polymers in quantities large or small, developed specifically for maximum processing efficiency and coverage. We continue to expand our range of stock colours to service the ever-changing needs of our customers, while adding to this range with special effect sparkles and glitters for bespoke products.